The University of Central Oklahoma congratulates the 483 students from throughout Oklahoma, the U.S. and the world who will complete their college degrees as the summer 2019 semester comes to a close.

Of that number, Central received applications for graduation from 411 undergraduate students and 72 graduate students. Many of these are Edmond residents.

Since Central does not hold a summer commencement ceremony, many of these students participated in the spring 2019 ceremony.

Edmond graduate students graduating are the following: 

Chambers, Travis Wesley, With Honors, MA, History

Gonzales, Danielle R., MS, Nutrition & Food Science

Newberry, Kenneth, With Honors, MA, Crime & Intelligence Analysis

Riddle, Sydney Elizabeth, MA, Psychology - General Psychology

Robertson, Tiffany Sheruan, MED, Elementary Education

Sickler, Chad, MS, Business Analytics 

Smith, Juliette S., With Honors, MS, Forensic Science - Biology/Chemistry 

Stacy, Peyton Parris, MS, Wellness Management-Health Studies 

Thomas, Eldhose, MS, Business Analytics

Wadley, Ashlyn Michele, MS, Nutrition & Food Science


Edmond undergraduate students graduating are the following:

Aman, Kaitlyn Britney, BS, Kinesiology - Exercise/Fitness Management 

Ball, Thomas Eugene IV, BBA, Business Administration - General Business 

Ballard, Brody, BS, Accounting

Belew, Jordan Taylor, BA, Mass Communication - Professional Media 

Boling, Karen A., Cum Laude, BA, Criminal Justice - General Criminal Justice and BS, 

Forensic Science 

Bruns, Michael Burnet, BS, Kinesiology - Outdoor & Community Recreation

Bulock, Elisha, BS, General Studies

Chavarria, Omar, BBA, Management 

Dao, Trang Thi Minh, Summa Cum Laude, BS, Biology - Medical Laboratory Science 

Davis, Tia Nichole, BA, Criminal Justice - General Criminal Justice and BS, Forensic 


Ecton, Matthew Alexander, Cum Laude, BA, Human Communication - Interpersonal 


Eldridge, Haley Hunter, BA, Strategic Communication 

Goldman, Taylor N., BS, Kinesiology - Exercise/Fitness Management 

Griffith, Amber R., BBA, Management 

Haddock, Jennifer Lee, BA, Criminal Justice - Police 

Hammons, Blaik Lee, BS, Fashion Marketing 

Han, Gyoul, BBA, Management - Human Resource Management 

Hanna, Harrison S., BBA, Business Administration - Business Administration 

Hays, Ryan Matthew, BS, General Studies

Head, Don Joseph, BS, Organizational Leadership 

Hester, Jenna M., BS, General Studies 

Hirn, Hunter C., BBA, Business Administration - Business Administration 

Hoang, Sarah T., BS, General Studies 

Hughes, Leigha K., BS, Kinesiology - Outdoor & Community Recreation 

Jackson, Karrington McKenzi, Cum Laude, BA, Mass Communication - Organizational 


Janis, Savannah Katherine, BS, Kinesiology - Outdoor & Community Recreation 

Jones, Michael A., Cum Laude, BS, Forensic Science and BS, Accounting 

Knox, Jaydie Taylor, BS, Fashion Marketing 

Lilly, Victoria Lynn, BS, Kinesiology - Exercise/Fitness Management

Lord, Jared Kellogg, BS, Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Management

McClernon, Stephen Michael, BBA, Marketing - Professional Selling 

Mcdaniel, Joshua C., BS, General Studies

Minton, Casey Austin, BBA, Information & Operations Management - Management 

Information Systems

Muse, McKayla Mariah, BS, Biology - Biomedical Sciences 

Muwafaq, Nabaa M., BS, General Studies 

Niskern, Marla K., CERT, Certificate in Accounting 

Northenor, Makenzi Northenor, BA, History - Museum Studies 

Omeke, Nneka Laura, BS, Biomedical Engineering 

Pratt, Brandon, BS, General Studies 

Reason, Aleace, BBA, Management - Human Resource Management 

Reid, Penny Lane, BS, Biology 

Ritter, Melissa, BS, General Studies

Roberts, Molly, BBA, Information & Operations Management - Operations & Supply 

Chain Management

Roche, Caleb Michael, BBA, Marketing 

Rose, Cynthia Elder, BA, Psychology

Salim, Ashley N., Magna Cum Laude, BBA, Finance 

Samaniego, Odalys Marie, BS, Biology

Samour, Asma, BS, Biology

Sample, Eric, BS, Industrial Safety

Sickler, Leslie, Magna Cum Laude, BS, Organizational Leadership 

Sigl, John Daniel, BS, Industrial Safety 

Smallwood, Natalie Renee, BA, Psychology

Smith, Megan Maydell, Summa Cum Laude, BS, Biology - Biomedical Sciences and BS, 

Forensic Science 

Stine, Audrey Nicole, BA, History 

Taff, Kurstin Diane, BA, Psychology 

Takyi-Micah, Janelle B., BS, Forensic Science and BA, Psychology 

Ticer, Seth M., BBA, Information & Operations Management - Management Information 


Tracy, Shamra Leann, BAED, English Education 

Veeraprame, Ceres, BA, Psychology 

Wariboko-Alali, Ezekiel T., BA, Strategic Communication 

Wishon, Tymothy Michael, BS, Forensic Science 

Witcher, Kendra Mariah, Magna Cum Laude, BS, Biology - Biomedical Sciences 

Wodarski, Jack Michael, BBA, Marketing - Professional Selling 

Wynn, Jonathan David, BA, Psychology

Zickefoose, Dakota Hunter, BBA, Marketing - Professional Selling 

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