Scooter rental

A deployment of 150 Lime scooters is underway to be available on Monday in Edmond.

Beginning Monday, Aug. 5, residents and visitors to the community will be able to rent and ride electric scooters in Edmond. The Lime company will provide 150 scooters for rent.

The City Council recently approved a Memorandum of Understanding with Lime to provide the service for up to one year. The agreement will be evaluated on an ongoing basis.

City officials said full information regarding the deployment and use of the electric scooters can be found by visiting; however, the key things for people to know include the following:

• Scooters can be operated within the following boundaries: (North) Danforth, (South) 15th Street, (West) Kelly, (East) Coltrane; 

Scooters will be ridden only in streets by users and cannot be ridden on sidewalks. The exception to this is on the UCO campus; 

• Motorists are urged to safely share the road with riders;

• Riders must be at least 18 years old and are highly encouraged to wear a helmet; and

More than one person riding an individual scooter at one time is prohibited.

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