Abortion advocates

This work of art is among 15 works being featured at UCO tonight at a presentation by the Oklahoma Call for Reproductive Justice at the Nigh University Center.

Oklahoma Call for Reproductive Justice activists will be at the University of Central Oklahoma at 6 p.m. tonight in the Nigh University Center, 100 N. University Drive.

They’ll be discussing the topics: “The importance of abortion access” and “How abortion care is an act of love.”

The Oklahoma Call for Reproductive Justice is hosting five events in four cities to check out local artist interpretations of abortion rights and to talk about reproductive freedom in 2019. This series will feature a rotation of 15 works from Oklahoma visual artist’s representing their interpretations of the theme, “fighting for abortion access is an act of love.” 

Area residents are invited to see the art, have food and drinks, and hear talks from local artists and activists on opportunities to get involved.

We fight because we know that without the ability to control our reproduction we are less free. We each have something uniquely powerful to lend this battle, and that’s why we’ve gathered artists, activists and students together to learn and to plan together how a message of compassion can change Oklahoma and ensure our reproductive freedoms. 

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