Hafer closure

City of Edmond officials want the public to know Hafer Park is closed to vehicles for the July 4th fireworks display. The ball fields and parking area on the north side are closed both July 3-4.

Due to the setup and firing of the Libertyfest Fireworks at Hafer Park, there will be closures at the park to ensure spectator safety, announced Casey Moore, City of Edmond public information officer. These closures will take place on July 3-4.

Moore said the first closure to impact the park will be both parking lots next to the baseball fields. The parking lots fall within the fireworks safety zone and will be completely closed to vehicles and spectators.  The lots will be closed all day on July 3rd and July 4th.

The second closure will restrict all motor vehicles from the park on July 4th. This closure will last all day and is necessary to ensure pedestrian and spectator safety before and after the show. The park will remain open for pedestrians and non-motorized vehicles.