When you listen to your family talk about the “old days” or the “old folks” are there some hilarious incidents that make you laugh until you cry? Or stories so heartbreaking you keep crying? We all have those stories in our family history. Some stories you remember because you were part of it and others we have only heard from others.

The OHCE Genealogy group will meet at 10:15 a.m. on Nov. 13 to share some of those stories from their own family trees. There will be tales of heroes and heroines, villains and victors, scoundrels and saints brought to life by their own descendants.  Many of these stories have been published or won awards but they will all inspire you to discover your own family stories. 

The OHCE Genealogy group invitest the public to join them  at the Oklahoma History Center in the Fischer Boardroom on the third floor. Their meetings are open to the public and they said they would love to have others join in.

Additional information is available on the group’s website: www.ohcegenealogy.com or on Facebook at OHCEgenealogy.

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