Marcus Seward

Edmond Police have accused a homeless Edmond man with a misdemeanor assault on a police officer. Police arrested Marcus Dominique Seward, 24, of the assault they say took place at about 7:11 p.m. Monday, Feb. 3 at an Edmond hospital.

“While en route, dispatch advised that the subject would be Marcus Seward. They stated he was getting in other patients’ faces and acting irate,” Officer Caleb Hodam reported after being dispatched to a disturbance at 1 S. Bryant Ave.

Hodam arrived on the scene at the same time the reported victim, Lt. Jason Carroll, 24, arrived,” Hodam stated. Hodam and Carroll went to Seward’s room to find him lying on a bed. Hodam stood five feet away from the accused, according to police, while Carroll stood just outside in the hallway, speaking with nurses and hospital staff at OU Medical Center Edmond.

“Seward was visibly upset with me being there, but I asked what was going on and why he was at the hospital. Seward showed me his left calf, which was somewhat swollen, lowered his pant leg and did not say anything else about his leg,” Hodam stated.

Hodam was reportedly told by hospital staff that Seward was carrying around a metal object similar to one used to help patients in and out of bed, Hodam continued. Staff reported to police that Seward had been getting in the faces of other patients, Hodam noted. 

“Then, like a light switch,  Seward's demeanor changed. Seward began raising his voice, cussing at me to “Get the …. out of his face,” and “get the …. out of my room.”

Staff asked police if Seward could sit in a chair while they removed other objects from the hospital room, according to the report.

Seward tried to leave the room against Carroll’s command to not leave, Hodam noted. Seward was asked to calm down to communicate with police, Hodam stated.

“Seward became even more upset and stated, ‘What, do you want to ride the lightning,’” Hodam stated. “Seward was clinching his fists, then flinched with his entire body as if he was going to punch Lt. Carroll. Lt. Carroll, and I were able to restrain Seward.”

Seward was placed under arrest, and transported to the City of Edmond jail to be processed.

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