Carsins sentenced to 5 years probation

Richard Carsins, of Edmond

CIA impersonator Richard Todd Carsins, of Edmond, was sentenced to five years probation in Oklahoma City Monday.

“I would just like to apologize for what transpired. I wasn’t in my straight mind,” Carsins said to U.S. District Judge Timothy D. DeGiusti in federal court.

Carsins, 46, admitted to the FBI that he has mental problems, according to the FBI. On Monday Carsins said his impersonation should not have happened.

A federal complaint was filed Oct. 9 on Carsins. He was charged in seeking to gain access to the property of Edmond North High School.

Carsins posed as an agent for the CIA while claiming he was assigned to the Department of Homeland Security while patrolling the grounds of Edmond North High School, according to Joshua Payne, special agent with the FBI.

An affidavit filed in U.S. District court notes that Carsins approached Edmond North Assistant Principal Brian Eccellente in his office at 7:30 a.m. Friday, Oct. 9.

“Carsins informed Assistant Principal Eccellente that he intended to patrol the campus from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and that he would present credentials to the assistant principal at that time,” Payne stated in the affidavit.

Carsins was wearing a maroon shirt with a badge logo on the left chest area that stated, “Oklahoma County Juvenile Detention Center, Juvenile Officer, State of Oklahoma.”

Payne further stated that after Carsins left Eccellente’s office, he encountered parking lot attendant Sandy Simpson. Carsins also told Simpson that he was at the school patrolling the campus as a CIA employee working for the Department of Homeland Security and was assigned to patrol the Edmond North campus.

Carsins continued to the Edmond North Freshmen Academy where he met the academy’s secretary, Bibbi Grimmett, Payne reported.

Payne added that when he arrived at the high school, Edmond Police Detective David Otwell had spoken to Edmond Police Department Resource Officer Sgt. Thomas Williams.

“Law enforcement then searched the grounds but were unable to locate Carsins,” Payne reported.

However, law enforcement made contact with Carsins at his home.

Carsins told law enforcement that he had asked Edmond North High School employees about the school’s security rules and was not satisfied by their response, according to the affidavit.