The first phase of the Intelligent Traffic System (ITS) is nearly complete, City Manager Larry Stevens reported to the Edmond City Council this week.

“We hope the contractor, who is Midstate Traffic Control, will be finished around or by the end of November,” Stevens said.

The traffic management center is staffed at the Public Works Building downtown. The center will be fully operational when the first phase of ITS is completed.

The phase two design involving 26 intersections on Broadway is expected to be finished soon, Stevens continued.

“Our engineering staff will apply for some ACOG funding assistance in December to help with that project,” Stevens said.

Three more phases of ITS are projected for the future as funding becomes available. Stevens noted there is some confusion concerning what ITS involves.

“ITS involves the placement and upgrading of traffic control equipment at intersections throughout the community to facilitate better traffic control in general,” Stevens said.

ITS is a fiber-optic, wireless or hybrid communication system of monitoring road events and equipment in the field, data archiving and predicting traffic volume, according to Kimley-Horn and Associates Inc.

Matching funds the city has used for ITS has come from the 2000 Capital Improvements Sales Tax.

Phase 1 improvements costs about $3 million, he continued. The estimated price tag for phase II is also about $3 million.

The city’s 20 percent share of the $3 million cost for the project is funded by the 2000 Capital Improvements Sales Tax approved by voters. City staff is reviewing funding options for the project, Stevens added.

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