Jessica Burns

Jessica Burns is the administrative specialist for The Edmond Convention & Visitors Bureau. She handles a lot of office work, social media, website upkeep, and advertising duties. She is someone you should know.

“I’ve been in Edmond for almost five years now. It’s always been a very tight-knit community and very inclusive to me,” Burns said. “So I really love that about this city. I love everything there is to do here.”

Being an administrative specialist allows her to experience many of the events that she enjoys. She is attracted by all the special events downtown, including Heard on Hurd, as well as holiday and community celebrations that bring everyone together.

Burns earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Media with emphasis in Journalism from the Department of Communications at the University of Central Oklahoma. Burns has written for The Midwest City Beacon and The Oklahoman. Burns and her husband, Chris, married in June.

Burns is an ambassador when meeting others from outside the community. She lets them know about the city’s public art, and new shopping areas downtown.

“I would tell them about our community — how nice everyone is — how caring everyone is,” she said. “How easy it is to be involved here.”

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