Kim Hill

Kim Hill

Living with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA Type ID) has not slowed down 35-year-old Edmond resident Kim Hill. Hill works as the Disability Integration specialist at the Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management (OEM). She is someone you should know.

She said her can-do spirit comes from being told she couldn’t do normal things when she always believed she could. 

“I just have to be creative and have to do normal things a little differently,” Hill said.

She uses a ventilator full time and she can only use her left thumb. Hill works part-time from home in her role with OEM. 

Since Hill can only use her left thumb and a switch to control her computer, she must utilize assistive technology to do everything.

“I love my job at OEM,” she said. “It’s my job to make sure everyone, particularly people with disabilities and access and functional needs, is included in every phase of disaster.

Emergency management includes the preparedness, response, mitigation and recovery aspects for dealing with an emergency or disaster within a community.

She received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Oklahoma State University and is finishing her Master of Science degree from OSU. The Department of Rehabilitation Services paid for school and her assistive technology.

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