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Don Connelly, owner of Crosstimber Koi, feeds some colorful koi. Crosstimber Koi reported $8,500 worth of koi stolen Sept. 22.

An Edmond business victimized in the past reported the theft of $8,500 worth of koi, ornamental varieties of domesticated carp, an incident report stated.

The value of koi, which have a maximum lifespan of about 200 years in exceptional cases, mostly depends on size, pattern and color, according to the Mid-Columbia Koi and Pond Club. The 2006 All Japan Show grand champion koi was said to have sold for $365,000 dollars.

On Sept. 22, several koi valued at $8,500 were reported stolen from Crosstimber Koi, 300 Wade Martin Drive, according to an incident report filed by Edmond Police Officer Rickey Ecker.

Listed as stolen were a Shiro Utsuri koi valued at $2,000, a Showa koi valued at $2,500 and a Doitsu Showa koi valued at $4,000.

Ecker stated the victim said there were no signs of forced entry into the fenced area enclosing the vat. The entire business is surrounded by a fence and is guarded by two dogs when it is closed.

Koi thefts occur across the country. In June 2013, The Washington Post reported the theft of 400 koi from a Virginia pond. In June 2014, a Chicago ABC affiliate reported the disappearance of several koi from Jackson Park.

In October 2008, Crosstimber Koi reported the theft of 27 koi worth $42,550. A couple months later, the business reported the theft of more than 100 smaller koi. That prompted owners to buy two guard dogs — a 200-pound male and a 160-pound female. The victims urged all koi owners to take precautions.

In May 2009 and January 2012, The Edmond Sun reported on the loss of koi from backyard ponds.

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