Touchmark at Coffee Creek put together a Prohibition era-style speakeasy on Sept. 10 in the parking garage of the Coffee Creek campus in Edmond.

Attendees enjoyed food, beverages and various spirits as well as photo opportunities with a vintage coupe. Partygoers also were able to hit the dance floor to the tunes of BRD Trio, a Tulsa-based jazz band composed of members Brian Belanus, Rei Wang and Dave Bowen.

Attendees were encouraged to wear pinstripe or flapper attire to match the event’s 1920s-themed decor. Several residents made flapper-style headbands in advance of the event.

Touchmark’s speakeasy comes just in time for the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 18th amendment, which sparked the decade-long Prohibition. During this time of proposed alcoholic abstinence, people would gather to dance and drink at secret parties, also known as speakeasies. The name “speakeasy” was derived from the low volume at which party attendees had to whisper the password to gain entrance and not attract attention from law enforcement.

In Oklahoma, prohibition had come to fruition nearly two decades before the U.S. government signed it into law, although Oklahomans had a number of outlets to buy liquor, including popular speakeasies. One of Oklahoma’s most notorious speakeasies, The Cave House, provided patrons secret rooms in which to drink homemade liquor and dance to the sounds of local musicians.

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