Sadistic ska/speed metal playing robots can’t stop their human slave, JBOT from being a devout Jew. With ripping, migraine-inducing guitars and machine gun trumpets, Captured! By Robots is emerging as the rightful heir to Gwar as the greatest spectacle in rock.

They will be performing their latest opus, “The Ten Commandments,” which celebrates JBOT’s Hebrew heritage, Tuesday night at The Green Door in Oklahoma City.

OK, so as best as it can be explained, JBOT began as a reject from various ska bands and decided to build robotic bandmates. The robots rebelled and installed a mind control chip in the unwitting JBOT. Now the band enjoys humiliating the lowly human on-stage.

Their most recent release is actually a double album featuring “The Ten Commandments” and “Get Fit With Captured! By Robots.”

Both discs revel in the frantic weirdness and are sure to stand out in any CD collection. The gem of the two discs is certainly “The Ten Commandments,” which is a musical retelling of the movie by Cecil B. DeMille.

Do not mistake this as an over-cooked attempt to reach out to youth by some misguided goody-goody. This music is as aggressive and offensive as it is silly.

The retelling is fairly good natured, though JBOT’s version of Exodus is laced with more obscenities than falling frogs.

Every track follows the story as close as can be expected and comes across as an attempt by Mystery Science Theatre 3000 and Trey Parker to produce a Biblical classic.

The music itself is very stylized and ranges from rasta melodies to crunching, speed-of-light riffs. Anyone who loves their speed metal tempered with the exaggerated vocals of a wedding singer will definitely enjoy this music.

They can still growl with the best of them, but serious fans of the heaviest of heavy metal may not appreciate that the joke is largely made at their expense.

“Get Fit with Captured! By Robots” is amusing as well, but lacks the same conceptual genius. It is essentially a sadistic workout plan developed around speed.

Probably not a sound exercise program so don’t look for it to be promoted by the FDA anytime soon. The music, however, is enough to make you break out into a sweat, even as you’re stuck on the couch.

At 10 tracks per disc, they each make for perfect small tastes of the group without indulging too heavily on the joke.

It’s doubtful CBR will be appearing on Total Request Live in the immediate future, but they will give you a performance you won’t soon forget.

Bonus videos are included on both discs featuring the performances of both albums. Since this is music meant to be seen, it is worth buying the album just to see the spectacle on stage.

Interesting note: The bonus videos were shot at The Green Door in Oklahoma City.

For more information about the band, visit www.capturedbyrobots.


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