The proposal for Bridges at Spring Creek has stalled throughout the summer and into the fall. Following is a timeline of events:

April 19 — Planning Commission recommends denial by a 0-5 vote.

May 23 — The plan was continued from a public hearing to give Sooner Investment more time to amend its design statement and incorporate some of the City Council’s requests.

June 27 — A continuance was granted by the council at the request of the applicant, who did so at a request from the Bryant ACCORD III.

June 29 — An amended Planned Unit Development Design Statement was submitted to the city.

July 28 — A Community Connections meeting was sponsored by the city for the developers and residents to meet.

Aug. 5 — Sooner request a continuance to Aug. 22 to give them enough time to provide additional updated traffic study figures and more information about the proposed fishing pond to help with additional drainage protection. The request was later amended to the Sept. 12 council meeting.

Sept. 12 — The developer asks for another continuance.

Oct. 10 — The Edmond City Council unanimously denies Sooner’s four applications for two plan amendments and two rezonings.

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