Homes and businesses dot First Street from east of Fretz to the railroad tracks.

The Central Business District expanded with a recent vote by the Edmond City Council. All five city council members voted to rezone a single family district located on the west side of the railroad, north of Edmond Road, east of Fretz Avenue, and south of Hurd to the CBD.

“What’s your dream? You’ve obviously drawn this area out with some kind of down-the-road dream about what all this is going to be. What does it mean to the people that are there?” said Doug Nelson, who lives on Main Street.

CBD is intended to include mixed use, including commercial, offices, services, and residential activities, said Randy Entz, city planner.

“I think you’ll see a mixed-use area like downtown with the buildings sitting a little bit closer to the street,” Entz said. “There may be a little more intensity of uses. So you’ll see a mix of commercial and residential. It’s going to happen naturally over time. There’s not one big project that we have necessarily in mind.”

The trend is retail or commercial on the ground floor with residential above, Entz said. With development proposals like the Rail Spur, and some of the industrial uses going away such as the Dolese plant, the CBD mixed-use zoning seems appropriate, Entz said.

Previous zoning had also included two family dwelling, neighborhood commercial, general commercial, open display commercial, light industrial, and planned unit development. Both the Central Edmond Urban Business District Board and the Edmond Planning Commission had unanimously recommended approval of this item.

“Developers are starting to focus on this area,” Urban Board member David Forrest explained. “We’re not even being as proactive in this area as I think we should be.”

The application was made by the city and is a continuation of the Downtown Master Plan. Two Community Connections meetings were held in August with general support on the item, Entz continued.

Everyone is pleased with some of the developments occurring there, said Dan O’Neil, mayor.

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