Communicating to Edmond residents and developers that their quality of life flourishes by supporting a sustainable green environment got a boost Thursday by the Green Infrastructure Committee.

The committee has put together a video accentuating the low-impact development and conservation of grasslands and water. An educational Web site promoting sustainability also will be developed.

Phil Jones, Sustainability coordinator for the City of Edmond, said the video is ready to be placed on the city’s government access Channel 20 for Cox Cable subscribers, its Web site at and on

A water quality scorecard created by the Environmental Protection Agency is a useful tool for the City of Edmond, said Ryan Ochsner, Urban Forestry coordinator. The process reviews local ordinances and identifies across-the-board opportunities for communities to develop green infrastructure, Ochsner said. But it is not used by the EPA to regulate communities, he said.

“I know there’s been interest by people to use green roofs on some developments but they just don’t have incentives,” Ochsner said.

City Councilman Charles Lamb said the group’s efforts for sustainability also could relate to planned unit developments in Edmond. The Planning Department is creating a new PUD application form. The City Council approved an edit of the city’s Title 22 zoning law recently to make planned unit developments more creative for developers to use as master plan projects.

Language to reduce a building’s footprint and encouraging the use of open space could be useful in the PUD questionnaire, Lamb said. He said there is a great deal of ground to be covered by the City Council “to get people away from the protectionist thinking.” But the PUD addresses some ways to enhance green infrastructure, he said.

“All of my effort here is to see what we can do to implement,” Lamb said. “Plans are great plans but they don’t mean much unless we make change in the way we do business.” | 341-2121, ext. 114

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