The Edmond City Council approved salary increases for City Manager Larry Stevens and City Attorney Steve Murdock on Monday evening. The vote was 5-0.

Stevens will have his annual salary of $177,478.46 increased by 3% to $190,087.59. A 3% performance raise is included.

“This number was calculated by starting with a base of $179,175.78 plus 3% salary adjustment plus 3% performance raise,” said Casey Moore, city spokesman. “The reason the higher number was used to start is that is the topped out salary of the assistant city manager position. Our pay scale between these positions became somewhat skewed due to employee positions receiving annual cost of living adjustments and step increases that are sometimes higher than that of the city manager.”

The city council added a 5% raise to Murdock’s $150,909.90 base pay to total $158,455.40, plus a 3% bonus of $4,753.66.

Stevens was hired by the City Council in 2002 to serve as chief administrative officer. He reports directly to the city council. He is responsible for the city staff, except the city attorney and municipal judges.

The city council hired Murdock in 1987 to serve as city attorney. He serves as the city’s legal advisor and serves the city in all litigation.

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