Medical Marijuana

The City of Edmond has 55 dispensaries, 37 growers and 19 processors licensed within the city limits.

The Edmond City Council on Tuesday passed an ordinance in compliance with state law regarding medical marijuana dispensaries. The vote was 5-0.

Recent changes in state law require cities to provide a certificate of compliance to medical marijuana establishments in accordance to the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana and Patient Protection Act. State law requires medical marijuana dispensaries be located at least 1,000 feet from schools, said Steve Murdock, city attorney.

The city council recently adopted a medical marijuana ordinance covering the issuance of permits for dispensaries, growth facilities, and processors, Murdock said. The 1,000 feet of separation between dispensaries was added to the ordinance this week.

“One thing we do as a city is issue certificates for compliance as to whether or not these particular businesses are in compliance with our municipal code as well as state law,” Murdock said.

The City of Edmond currently has had 16 alteration permits issued for medical marijuana or CBD related businesses totaling $1,003,000 in 2019, said Janet Yowell, executive director of the Edmond Economic Development Authority.

“We have found 55 dispensaries, 37 growers and 19 processors licensed in Edmond city limits. Some of these licenses cross over in these categories. With three new alterations, these numbers will increase,” Yowell said on Wednesday. 

Murdock said the city is bound by state law and cannot add additional requirements. A daycare is not necessarily a school, Murdock said.

“We’ll talk to our state legislators,” said Nick Massey, city councilman.

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