6th Street

Neighborhood residences say rezoning a lot from single family to a downtown residential district would create traffic problems.

The Edmond Planning Commission rejected the rezoning of property located at 20 and 22 E. Sixth Street by a 1-4 vote. Commissioner Rob Rainy voted in favor of the item that will go before the Edmond City Council on Aug. 26. The Central Edmond Urban District Board approved the item by a 7-0 vote, according to the planning department. 

This request by the the developer, Thomas, would rezone the two residences on a 13,884-square-foot lot from single family to a downtown residential district (DRD), said Randy Entz, city planner. A third parcel is proposed to be located on the tract.

“The Urban Plan 2018 designates the area as urban neighborhood which is meant to be an interface between downtown and other districts,” Entz said.

The plan promotes a variety of lot sizes and a mix of land uses, he added.

To the north of the property is the Central Business District with the 5th Street commercial and Stevenson Park areas. Open display zoning is to the west of the property across the alley where there is a truck rental business. Single family residences are to the east and south of the area.

“The DRD allows different housing types such as town homes and upper-floor residential over commercial,” Entz said. “It also allows commercial and office uses.”

The Sixth Street location of the parcel is near a dead-end, Entz said, and does not have much traffic. But Rhonda Scoggin of 601 S. Littler said there would be more traffic in the residential area.

“It is already a cut-through and the road is in a lot of disrepair as it is,” Scoggin said.

She said the historic neighborhood near Stevenson Park should stay residential and not lose its character.