A judge has rescheduled trials for two defendants in the “Bicycle Bob” case.

On Oct. 18, 2009, Travis Jim discovered the body of Dwite Morgan, 54, covered in blood at his camp site located in an alley just west of the downtown railroad tracks. Morgan was widely known around Edmond as “Bicycle Bob.”

In December 2009, Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater charged Connor Mason, of Edmond, with first-degree murder. Nikolas Kerr, of Edmond, an acquaintance of Mason’s, faces a charge of accessory to murder after the fact, amended from first-degree murder. Kerr also faces several drug-related charges.

The medical examiner’s office ruled Morgan’s death was a homicide caused by multiple sharp force injuries. Head injuries included multiple incised wounds on the victim’s head and neck, according to the autopsy report. Both the report and the autopsy itself are an issue in the case.

Prosecutors say Mason used a knife found recently in an Edmond area pond to kill Morgan; the knife’s tip was missing. In December, Morgan’s body was exhumed and taken to the ME’s office where the missing evidence was found, prosecutors said.

As of earlier this week, the supplemental report on the re-examination had not been fully completed.

Prater said the trials, which were scheduled to begin on Monday, have been delayed because Mason’s defense team hired an expert to study the recently found evidence. The trials are now scheduled to begin May 21. According to a defense motion, Mason’s trial could take up to two weeks to complete.

Both defendants have proclaimed their innocence through their attorneys. In a court filing, Mason’s attorney claims Mason did not kill Morgan, that he severed the victim’s finger after he was dead.

Based on the content of court filings the defense may make Jim’s arrest and original confession an issue in the trial. In one document, Mason’s attorney stated Mason will not testify during his trial.

In November 2009, Jim was charged with first-degree murder in Morgan’s death. After Shaun Parker told police he saw Mason with a blood-stained plastic glove and a severed finger the charge against Jim was dropped, according to testimony.

In court, Jim, who was homeless at the time of Morgan’s death, said he didn’t kill Morgan and he confessed because he wanted to get out of the approaching cold weather.

Both Parker and his then-estranged wife Heather Holden, aka Heather Parker, were with Mason on Oct. 18, 2009, according to testimony.

In court, Shaun Parker testified that he talked to police because he did not want to see Jim, an innocent man, continue to sit in jail. Parker said he did not see a severed finger but did hear talk about it. He said Mason gave it as a gift to Heather Parker.

In court, Heather Parker testified about the severed finger and her relationship with Mason. In July 2010, she was released from jail after she pleaded guilty to an obstructing an officer charge.

Apparently the severed finger has not been found.

Another unresolved issue is the flurry of motions filed by attorneys for Mason and Kerr.

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