An Edmond resident trapped by a fire was rescued from his upstairs apartment by firefighters using a ladder, a fire official said.

At 6:38 a.m. Tuesday, firefighters responded to a call about a structure fire at 230 E. Second Street, said Edmond Fire Maj. Kelly Lewis. A garage at the address was converted to two apartments, one upstairs and one downstairs, where there was a small fire, Lewis said.

Lewis said the resident of the upstairs apartment awoke and smelled smoke. The only way downstairs was blocked so he called 911, Lewis said.

Firefighters arriving at the scene reported visible smoke, Lewis said. The first crew to arrive went into the lower unit to fight the fire while a second crew used a ladder to rescue the resident, Lewis said.

The resident was treated at the scene and as a precaution he was transported by EMSA to a local hospital, Lewis said. By mid-morning, the resident was able to be back at the scene.

Lewis praised the work of the crews, and said it was the first time in many years that a ladder was used in this type of a situation.

“We train a lot to do this and fortunately we don’t have to do it a lot,” Lewis said.

Lewis said the fire was caused by paper and clothing that prohibited airflow out of a small refrigerator in the apartment. Estimated damage to the apartment was not available.

There was no working smoking alarm and the upstairs resident was fortunate he awoke in time, Lewis said. Lewis urged Edmond residents to make sure their smoke detectors are in working condition and to perform the usual maintenance like regularly checking batteries.

Lewis said the Fire Department would like to remind Edmond residents that the agency has free smoke detectors available to the public. Fire personnel will also come out to your home and install one of the devices for free as well.

An estimated 890 lives could be saved each year if all homes had working smoke detectors, according to the National Fire Protection Association. For more information about the Edmond Fire Department’s programs and services, call 216-7300 or visit | 341-2121, ext. 108

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