The Edmond Neighborhood Alliance will sponsor a forum for Edmond City Council candidates at 6 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 24 in the large meeting room of the Downtown Community Center.

“We’ll have questions to ask each candidate,” said Lydia Lee, ENA member. “So they will all answer the same question.”

The format will be similar to the candidate forum at the ENA summit each year.

“Because the Summit itself is not going to be probably until March, we felt that we needed to have an addition event in January before the primary,” Lee said.

The primary election will take place on Tuesday, Feb. 12. The general election for City Council will be Tuesday, April 2. The mayoral election will have on the ballot the names of former Mayor Dan O’Neil, 72; Richard Prawdzienski, 71; and the late Mayor Charles Lamb.

City Council Ward 1 candidates include: Clay Booth, 59; J. David Chapman, 54; Devyn Denton, 41; Jim Martin, 76; and Scott Tohlen, 32. Candidates for City Council Ward 2 include: Larry L. Barnes, 73; Josh Moore, 40; and Matt Thomas, 54.

City Attorney Steve Murdock said if the name of Charles Lamb is one of the top two winners at the primary election — it will also be on the general election ballot.

If Mayor Lamb’s name gets the majority of the votes resulting from the general election, then the Edmond City Council will appoint someone to fill the vacancy of mayor, Murdock said.