An original article used to craft the 1898 Arcadia Round Barn now is safely housed by the wood it cut.

Vivian Keely has donated her rusty, round saw blade that was once used to cut the wood from her family’s farm to construct the 1898 barn built by the late pioneer William H. Odor.

“I didn’t have any use for it and I just thought that would be a good way for people to see it,” she said.

Odor’s wife Myriam (Keely) Odor and John Henan Keely were brother and sister. John H. Keely also was Vivian Keely’s father-in-law. Vivian was born in Luther to George and Florence Norman but the family later moved to Oklahoma City.

“I’m the old lady,” said Vivian, 97.

Odor crafted the barn with native bur oak wood made flexible after being soaked in the nearby Deep Fork River.

Today, Vivian’s farm on the northwest corner of Route 66 and Hiawassee still is in use with the help of Vivian’s son, retired University of Central Oklahoma women’s basketball coach John Keely.

“We had a round barn here on the farm, too, that got blew down,” he said.

Vivian moved to Arcadia to teach high school in 1928 before being fired because the school had stringent rules about dating and leaving town on days off, she said.

“It was terrible,” she said. “There was nothing to do. We were just bored stiff, but they did furnish us horses and we rode them.”

She taught for about 30 years, mostly in Luther. She married Preston Keely in 1937, who also taught.

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