Clyde Howell students finally got to experience first hand the animals their teachers read to them about in class.

The Edmond FFA students brought about 20 animals to Clyde Howell for Farm Day.

“In books you don’t really get to see the size of the animals and what they really feel like,” said Vanessa Benton Nelson, pre-kindergarten teacher. “They actually get to hear and see how they act.”

She said the FFA students let the pre-kindergarteners brush the horses and feed the animals. The FFA students also taught them how to treat each animal.

“It’s a hands-on exploration,” Nelson said. “We’ve been reading lots about ducks so they are interested in the duck.”

Kalley Stevens said she liked and got to feed the goat. Reece Potts said his favorite animals were the rabbits because “they’re cute.”

Nelson said they also had a little feast with corn on the cob and talked about what goods farms produce.

Leading up to Farm Day, the students designed their own farm animals. One student created a potato cow and another created a purple horse.

Ted Arthur, FFA adviser, said about 50 percent of the animals they brought to Clyde Howell are being raised by FFA students and the other 50 percent were loaned by the Baptist Boys Ranch Town.

“The kids like to touch,” he said. “This is a thing computers can’t teach.”

He said this is an opportunity for FFA students to communicate with younger children and learn leadership skills.

“It gives the opportunity to teach these kids about livestock,” Arthur said.

Lauren Hamilton, Edmond Memorial senior, said she feels good about bringing the animals to the pre-kindergarteners because many have never seen a horse or a duck.

“We declared today ‘Ted Arthur and FFA Day,’” said Tracee Potter, pre-kindergarten teacher. “He goes beyond the call of duty in agriculture awareness.”

In addition to bringing the animals to the school each year, the FFA also gives the classes eggs to hatch in the spring.

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