French Park West

The final commercial plat for French Park West was approved Tuesday by the Edmond Planning Commission by a 4-0 vote. The third and final plat is for the eastern portion of the site located east of Coltrane Road and south of E. Second Street. The request was submitted by Matt Wilson Homes LLC.

Edmond Racquet Club on Lilac Drive has experienced major damage from mud, water and dust caused by the initial construction of French Park West, said Cindy Nuckolls, representing the racquet club that is south of the plat.

“We spent almost $20,000 of unreimbursed money on clean-up over the years it took that to get built,” Nuckolls said.

Nuckolls sought reassurance that the final plat development will not cause the same problems. Too much water is currently upon the Edmond Racquet Club property, including the driveway.

“I need to make sure not one more drop of water comes this way — not during construction — not after. We just have a total nightmare that we still are cleaning up after,” she said.

Dean Koleada, of KBGE Engineering, apologized to Nuckolls regarding problems with the development. This phase of the development will direct watershed away from the racquet club to the west, he said.

“No water is going to be getting onto the tract that she is speaking of southeast of the complex,” Koleada said.

City Engineer Steve Manek agreed with Koleada’s claim that water will not impact the Edmond Racquet Club, but will drain to a detention pond on the southern portion of the French Park site. The pond water will be directed into a creek to the west of the development.

Koleada also agreed to reach out to Nuckolls over existing problems the club has experienced due to the watershed.

These lots on 2.85 acres are the western two tracts of the French Park West II preliminary plat, said Randy Entz, city planner. The preliminary plat contains two commercial lots on 6.67 acres, Entz said.

“There will be two drives on Second Street. The western drive is shared access between tracts one and two,” Entz said. “… there is also a drive shown connecting to the west on the south side of the property to the existing development.”

No further action on this item is required by the city, said Barry Moore, commission chair.