OKLAHOMA CITY — D-DENT clinic organizers said they were very excited to be able to partner with the Crossings Community Clinic in order to be able to serve veterans in need.

D-DENT announced that on June 7 and 8, D-DENT’s Community Dental Day was held at the Crossings Community Clinic in Oklahoma City.  

Altogether, 26 dentists, hygienists, dental assistants, dental students and pre-dental students came together and donated their Friday and Saturday to help restore the oral health of 24 low-income veterans with no dental benefits. The total value of the dental work provided — free of charge — was $22,962.

The dentists present were: Dr. Jorge Madamba, Dr. Susan Whiteneck, Dr. J. Don Harris, Dr. Sara Spurlock, Dr. Jennifer Jenkins, Dr. Darrell Guttery, Dr. Arpit Singh, Dr. Kami Chervilov, and Dr. Hal Kessler. 

Both, Dr. Chervilov and Dr. Kessler began volunteering with D-DENT as dental assistants. They continued to volunteer any time they had free and promised that after graduation, with their Doctor of Dental Surgery degrees under their belt, they would continue to serve their community through charitable care provided in partnership with D-DENT. On June 8, they fulfilled their promise. 

“Dr. Kessler’s very first patient as a dentist was a D-DENT patient. His passion and commitment to serve through dentistry, along with all of D-DENT’s volunteers, is evident in his acts of kindness,” A D-Dent spokesperson said. “One week after the Community Dental Day, Dr. Kessler offered to help four more Veterans, providing an additional $3,194 worth of dental care, completely free of charge.”

One of the veterans served during the D-Dent event, has no means of transportation. In order to attend the Community Dental Day event, he had to take three buses and walk a couple of miles to get to the clinic — a task made difficult given the fact that his toes had been amputated. This worried Shirley Harris, D-DENT’s executive director. Not only did she personally provided him with door-to-door transportation, but also she made sure that he had a hot lunch and dinner for the day.

Harris explained, “They served us; it’s our turn to serve them.”