Miss Oklahoma

Addison Price wins the title of Miss Oklahoma. After she was crowned, Price waved to the crowd. She will compete for the Miss America competition. 

Lights, cameras and crowns.

Edmond resident and Oklahoma State University (OSU) marketing major, Addison “Addi” Price recently competed and was crowned Miss Oklahoma. Her start came from the inspiration of a babysitter she had who competed in Miss Oklahoma Outstanding Teen.

“I was always fascinated by it,” Price said. “I had my first taste of pageantry in the Stars Program.”

Her mom, Shannon Price, said she didn’t play much of a role getting Addison into the competitions.

“I knew very little about pageants,” she said. “She came to us as a teen and asked if she could compete.”

Shannon always thought Addison would have grown out of the competition, but after the taste of the competitive spirit, Addison continued on. 

After coming unprepared to her first local competition, Addison said, “This cannot be the last time these people see me.” 

She then reached a point where she placed first runner-up in a 2016 competition. The winner, Nicole Jia, went continued on to another competition, and that’s when Addison progressed in the Miss Oklahoma competitions. 

“I decided to jump in and I won the title of Miss Tulsa,” she said.

With that title among her accolades, she continued on to the Miss Oklahoma competition.

Addison is now taking a year off her junior year at OSU to compete for Miss America.

Shannon said all of the hard work Addison put in throughout the year has paid off and the crowning moment was indescribable. 

“It’s a 1 in 45 chance she would walk away with the title,” she said. “There was no way to be prepared for that moment when they called her name and put the crown on her head.”

The new Miss Oklahoma said her desire to be part of the pageant system has always been more than just the competition.

Addison’s platform, better known as social impact initiative, is to inspire those who have a disability of any kind. She picked this platform because she wanted people to understand that everyone has their own quirks. 

Addison said she was diagnosed with dyslexia at age seven, but her parents didn’t tell her she had it until she was in her senior year of high school. 

“I didn’t know any different. I’ve always been on an IEP (Individualized Education Program),” Addison said. “I knew it wasn’t that I wasn’t good enough. I had to navigate how I learned.”

She described feeling too prideful to even tell her best friend about her dyslexia. Addison eventually came to terms with using the school’s helpful programs after talking to her friend.

“They had ADHD and dyslexia,” Addison said. “She, Maddison, was the person that said ‘I don’t know why you’re not using this because it’s actually something that will help you succeed.’”

Addison said being Miss Oklahoma is a full-time job. She works with Lt. Governor Matt Pinnell in the Oklahoma re-branding program, Project Blue Sky. The state program fascinated her because of her marketing background.

“I am working with him as much as he lets me,” Addison said. 

When she interviewed with the judges she talked about how her marketing skills would “be an asset for the Miss Oklahoma competition.”

Addison said she’s very excited to be Miss Oklahoma 2019.

Her sights are now set on an even bigger stage.

“I hope to make Miss America 2020,” she said.