Oklahoma Christian School parents and supporters met the challenge of an anonymous donor and surpassed their year-end goal in raising money for the Saints Annual Fund.

An anonymous donor set a goal of $100,000 to be matched by funds raised by OCS faculty and friends, which was exceeded by $24,564, for a total of $224,564 to be used by the school.

“The annual giving of these gifts is used for the following year’s budget to help with operations and for the extra things needed to help and benefit teachers in their curriculum,” said Headmaster Dallas Caldwell.

With one child who graduated from OCS last year and two more children attending the school at this time, Steve Chesser said he and his wife chose OCS because it is a Christ-centered education as well as for the college preparation the school offers.

“Money given through the Saints Annual Fund goes to support the latest technology in the school, including Smart Boards in the classrooms,” Chesser said.

“My wife and I believe the teachers have the kids’ interest at heart and to pass on the values that we as parents share. We like the heart of the school. It is focused on the children, and we want to see the children succeed not only on a worldly view but also on a Christ-centered world view.”

Caldwell said school officials are very much aware of the sacrifice and challenge OCS families face as they pay for tuition.

He said the annual drive supplements the revenue from tuition alone, and the additional financial support comes at a very important time.

“While families and their businesses are tightening their belts, we need to be doing the same thing at school, at the same time investing in teachers and our educational integrity is a privilege.”

The school affords a particular mission for faculty and administrators.

“There is a professional challenge to make sure that OCS does not neglect the high standards of quality education,” Caldwell said. “We have a great school ... and my conviction is this — (it is by) the grace of God.”

OCS celebrated its 40th anniversary this year.

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