Members of the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation stormed an Edmond office building to stop a gunman who had taken hostages Thursday.

Fortunately this was only a simulation for 26 new agents taking part in what is called an “active shooter exercise.”

“It is a practical exercise in learning rapid response and gives our agents a feel of what a real situation would (be) like,” said Special Agent In Charge Bob Horn.

The trainees used the Parkhurst Medical Building at the corner of Fourth and Littler to practice how to assess a situation with a gunman and injured victims inside a building.

Horn said in light of what recently happened in a Cleveland school, this type of training is invaluable.

Special Agent Gary Perkinson said the biggest mistake a rookie can make is not having the experience and training to act on instinct.

“Our goal is to eliminate the threat as quickly as possible,” he said.

One of those involved in the training exercise was Melissa Gann. She said communication among team members is a key in any situation.

“It’s very important how you communicate,” she said. “We use hand signals as well as verbal commands.”

Horn said learning from the Columbine School shooting and the Edmond Post Office massacre can keep new agents from making mistakes as well as help them learn the things that can go right. | 341-2121, ext. 108

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