Edmond Police filed charges on two men with one count each for Burglary in Second Degree, Possession of Burglar’s Implements, Possession of Controlled Dangerous Substance and Unlawful Use of Radio Capable of Receiving Police Frequency.

At 2:16 a.m. Sept. 13, police responded to a burglary at Tractor Supply, 601 Comfort Drive.

The suspects arrested include Brandon Reid Heath, 24, of Warr Acres; and William Buffahl, 58, of Lumberton, Texas.

Police Sgt. Josh Pratt arrived at the scene and advised reporting Officer Josh Smith that he was stopping a taxi cab minivan that was attempting to drive away from the back side of the store.

“As I and other officers arrived, we located a fence cut along the back of the business (west side),” Smith noted in his report.

Police reported finding several heavy duty cables that had been cut with bolt cutters to expose equipment.

“Buffahl had a two-way radio on his person and there were two chainsaws in the back of the minivan that they could see in plain sight,” Smith said.

Police met with the store manager of Tractor Supply who identified the two chainsaws in the back of the store’s minivan as belonging to Tractor Supply.

Cab driver Heath stated he received a call from Buffahl asking him to pick him up at Tractor Supply, Smith noted. Heath said he saw Buffahl carrying a chain saw and another item when he arrived at Tractor Supply, Smith reported.

Those items were placed in the back of the van, the police report states. Heath and Buffahl left the scene and were stopped by police a short time later, Smith added.

Police reported finding bolt cutters inside the vehicle with three pry bars, wire cutters, a window punch and a slim jim. Police also reported finding a Fresca can that had a small plastic baggie inside of it that was sitting in the cup holder between the driver and passenger seat.

“The Fresca can still was nearly full of liquid that appeared to have several crystal like substances inside of it and inside the plastic baggie there was a liquid that also appeared murky with a crystal substance,” Smith stated.

Heath and Buffahl were taken into custody and transported to the Edmond City Jail. Heath told police he did not know that there was any meth or a syringe inside his vehicle, Smith stated.

Smith also said the tools were in his vehicle due to him being a maintainence worker for a cab company, Smith continued.

“Heath said he did not know how the ‘spider wire’ locking device used by Walmart and the magnetic unlock tool ended up in his vehicle,” according to police.

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