A 19-year-old Edmond woman was arrested for serving alcohol where minors were present, a violation of the city’s social host law, police said.

Early Saturday morning, police arrived at the Oak Tree addition and spoke with the security guard who had requested their help after receiving complaints about a noisy party, according to a report filed by Officer Jason Carroll.

Police followed the security guard to the 5700 block of Country Club Terrace, where police said they could see people inside the home and several beer cans from the front door.

Police said they knocked several times, until Madison Michelle Young, 19, of Edmond, came to the door. The suspect told police she was attempting to get everyone out of her house. As people left, police asked several of them if they had been drinking alcohol at the house, police said. Inside, police located several empty cases of beer and an untapped keg.

Police said they identified several minors who said they had been drinking alcohol. Police arrested Young on a complaint of violating the city’s social host law. The legal age for consuming alcohol is 21.

Not every incident leads to a charge under the law. If charges are filed, innocence or guilt is determined by a court of law.

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