The Edmond Police Department released an incident report Monday giving additional information about the “hit list” found Thursday at Central Middle School.

Officer Paul Sinclair made the report and concluded that no actual crime had been committed.

“Based on (the) fact that the note was found in a school search of sorts and that (the student) did not deliver, post or give the note to anyone I felt that (the student) had not committed a crime,” Sinclair wrote in his report.

Sinclair did meet with the student and his father to discuss “the possible ramifications of this act besides school discipline.”

The list, which contained 23 names, consisted mostly of first names and some teachers’ names and had the phrase “Hit List” written at the top, according to the incident report.

The list was discovered when a teacher was told the student had compiled a list. The teacher asked for the list and the student gave it to the teacher.

Sinclair added in his report that the list did not give “any specifics about certain people or what was going to happen to them nor mention any type of violent acts of any kind.”

Dr. Brenda Lyons, associate superintendent for Edmond Public Schools, said on Friday the school took appropriate measures and that neither students nor parents should be concerned about safety at the schools.


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