Heather Porter

Heather Porter poses with her artwork. She is the featured artist Thursday for a gallery opening at The Edmond Fine Arts Institute.

Edmond Fine Arts Institute will be showcasing Heather Porter’s artwork from 5 p.m.-7 p.m. Thursday.

The self-taught painter says her inspiration comes from color, movement, abstracts, texture, layers and all things pretty. 

Porter began painting several years ago but said she’s always had an artistic eye. It started because she had been shopping for art at stores and noticed how expensive it was.

“I said, ‘I can do this,’” Porter said. “I also use them for staging in real estate.”

Porter said she did so much staging she decided to get her license. She said she would go into people’s houses and tell them to pack up family photos, then Porter would hang up her artwork in the homes. 

“Sometimes I sell an art piece with a home,” she said.

Painting started out as a hobby for Porter to decorate her own house and now she is asked to create commissioned artwork.

“It completely escalated,” she said. “I’ll get calls and they’ll give me colors.”

When it comes to staging, Porter said her art pulls the home together.

“I have my own style,” she said.

Shannon Price, EFAI executive director, encouraged Porter in the gallery showcase.

“I know the director and she came over one day and she said ‘you’ve grown so much as an artist. You’re ready for a show now,’” Porter said.

“We have known each other for several years,” Price said.

Thursday’s showcase will be Porter’s second showing at EFAI, 27 East Edwards. Her first showing was in May 2018. Porter is a lifelong resident of Edmond. She is married to Rodney Porter and together have three children, Rian, Reid and Carsyn.

Gallery showcases are normally set up the first Thursday of each month; however, because of the way the Fourth of July holiday fell this year Price said this month’s showcase date was moved one week. She added that the EFAI is normally open to the public at any time, not just Thursdays, and artists have been booked from now through 2022. These listings can be found at edmondfinearts.com.

For 33 years the Fine Arts Institute has been Edmond’s non-profit community arts organization offering educational enrichment for adults and children in the visual and performing arts.

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