Residents nearby a proposed retail and office development spoke against the project while defending East Edmond’s natural green space Tuesday evening at the Edmond Planning Commission.

The commission voted 0-3 against a plan amendment for the proposed Creek Bend Plaza retail and office. The development would be on 8.3 acres of property currently zoned as single family east of Coltrane and one-half mile south of Second Street.

Keep the area green, said Robert Mottola, who lives in the Chimney Hill addition. Mottola moved to Edmond from Boston knowing the community has a reputation for its green space.

“In the past two and a half years, I’ve seen a lot of space cleared,” he said. “I’m not an environmental expert. However, it is concerning to see.”

Creek Bend developer Alvin Bates said the property is leftover land from the Creek Bend project to the east. Five buildings proposed for the property would include basements, he said.

“They would allow some retail sales on the front, with the offices on the back part of the property,” said Bob Schiermeyer, city planner.

The largest of the five buildings would be 25,000 square feet, Schiermeyer added. And a restaurant would be a potential use for the property but not a drive-in, he said.

Funds for Learning LLC, an education technology consulting firm, would occupy one building, said Cathy Cruzan, president.

Cruzan said Funds for Learning is non-retail and would like to stay close to its present location at 501 S. Coltrane.

“Being close to the highway is convenient to get us to the airport to see our clients,” Cruzan said.

Kay Sommer, president of the Stonepoint 1 Homeowners Association, said the development would come within 300 feet of her property as well as eight to 10 other homes.

“I haven’t heard any positives whatsoever,” she said. “Some of the other homeowners across the street further in Stonepoint 1 subdivision have said, ‘No, we don’t want it.’ That’s for wildlife. We’ve all enjoyed it.”

Retail shops and offices are not consistent with the intersection of 15th Street and Coltrane, Sommer added.

“I don’t know where they’re going to put a street,” she said. “If they’re coming off of Coltrane, they’re sure not going to come off Stonepoint. We own that land and we won’t sell it.”

Bates has the right to develop his property by removing trees on his land, said Mark Hoose, planning commissioner.

“This is going to be developed at some point in time,” Hoose said. “But I don’t believe this project and the requested changes at this time are appropriate … .”

Ben Floyd of the Chimney Hill addition said a quality business development on the site would be better for the area. And Stonepoint II resident Susan Spencer said she’s concerned that the environmental impact of the development would be detrimental to wildlife.

“I don’t see a lot of landscaping. I see a lot of parking lots,” Spencer said.

Mike Hancock said he favors the development and complimented its plans for landscaping.

“Something’s going to go in that area, and I’d much rather have something like this go in that area that’s an aesthetically pleasing architectural design and well thought out,” said Hancock, a local building contractor living in the area.

Planning Commissioner LeRoy Cartwright said office space, not retail, would be an ideal use for the property.

The item will be considered Aug. 24 by the City Council. | 341-2121, ext. 114

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