Edmond Historical Society is looking for a new executive director.

Gregory Zornes had served in that capacity for two months before leaving the position vacant on Sept. 29.

He had served as the EHS curator of collections and the volunteer coordinator for two years before former executive director Stuart Howard left the leadership role.

Zornes accepted a job with OU Health Sciences Center because of a better salary and retirement benefits, said Iris Muno Jordan, exhibit director.

“He’s got a family getting ready to grow,” she said. Zornes’ wife is expecting her first child in January.

“We’re just keeping on as usual,” Jordan said.

Résumés considered for the executive position are due by Oct. 31, she said.

“The qualities we’re looking for is someone with experience as a director in the past,” said Cameron Wilson, EHS first vice president, long-range planning. “We would really like to have somebody who has fundraising experience and someone who has a passion for history and hopefully for Edmond history.”

Meanwhile, an exhibit on the Rodkey Flour Mill will be highlighted from Oct. 15 through Nov. 30, with photographs, documents and artifacts highlighting a bygone era.

FOR MORE information about the Edmond Historical Society, 431 S. Boulevard, visit www.edmondhistory.org or call 340-0078.

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