One Oklahoma family’s life was turned upside down after returning from a concert to find their home had caught fire, only to be in a car accident several days later.

The single mother, Jamie Kamler, 34, and her two children were left with nothing but what they had taken with them. However, several families in Edmond and other Oklahoma City communities stepped up to help.

“Most of this stuff is nicer than what I had before,” Kamler said. “There are some really good people in this world.”

Throughout a fundraising and donation collection held by VIP Insurance in Edmond, the community donated enough to fill an entire moving truck along with three trucks full of items for their client.

“We are here to serve and that is what we hope to have accomplished,” said Kathy Reeser, owner of VIP Insurance. “If I needed help, I hope others would do the same thing.”

The community donated $1,350 in cash, multiple gift cards to Walmart, clothing and furniture. More than 10 families helped with the drive.

Each one them would end up with nearly a complete bedroom set through the support of Phoenix Restoration Services.

“I was not expecting this,” Kamler said.

While at an Ariana Grande concert the family had no idea that a suspected electrical fire would destroy every room in their home, including family heirlooms and all their personal belongings.

“We lost everything,” Kamler said. “They were bringing me baby pictures which were all burned up.”

Once she arrived at the site, she would fall to the ground crying not knowing what to do. An uncle would allow her to stay at one of his rental properties until she could get back on her feet.

She did not have insurance on her personal property, but luckily there was on the structure, Kamler said.

“It is important to always make sure your coverage matches your needs,” Reeser said.

In addition to the fire in mid-May, she would be rear-ended while driving just days afterward. Her car would be totaled.

“I will just keep moving forward,” Kamler said.

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