Bailey Byers

Bailey Byers

Bailey Byers aspires to enter the ministry after earning a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry from Oklahoma Baptist University in 2018.

“I want to work at a church and be a worship pastor full-time,” said Byers, 23.

He grew up in Edmond, having graduated from Edmond North High School in 2014. He is someone you should know.

“I feel like going to high school here really prepared me for college in the way they built the curriculum for the classes I took,” said Byers, a co-manager at Cafe Evoke in downtown Edmond.

Evoke helped him transition back to Edmond after four years of college. It all started by serving customers coffee.

“I wanted to take on more responsibility in a caring space for people,” he continued.

Byers enjoys getting to know customers who come in on a daily basis. He connects with their names, gets to know of their families, and learns of their daily lives.

Byers’ family lives here. The tight-knit community provides abundant opportunities to make friends while staying connected with grade school and high school friends, he explained.

“It’s a city that can still feel small and homey — even as big as it’s grown,” he said.

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