Ky Sanchez

Ky Sanchez

Ky Sanchez is one of the co-owners of the newly opened Downtown Nutrition & Energy, located at 100 N. Broadway suite 166 just south of Campbell Corner. She is someone you should know.

“We offer complete healthy meal replacements to help people feel better,” said Sanchez, who owns the business with James and Carmen Hamm, Brandon and Jenna Gillette, Bre Schmidt and Kelly Stone.

“We’re all in this together and we’re excited to grow together,” Sanchez said.

Healthy drinks conducive for losing weight include smoothies and teas. The smoothie bar offers a complete meal replacement with 24 grams of protein. Sanchez said the low in sugar smoothies are equivalent to a three-course meal. The teas have 5 calories, but burn up to 100 calories, she said. The smoothies replace a meal and the tea replaces a drink.

“They give you energy packed with all of your B vitamins,” Sanchez continued. “All of our flavors are Stevia and all of our shakes are soy-based. We have a certified vegetarian line. So we have options that are good for everyone.”

Sanchez’s enjoyment of building new relationships with her customs while helping them feel better motivates her to come to work each day.

Establishing Downtown Nutrition & Energy made sense with Edmond’s rapid growth, she said. She meets customers from out of town, too. She loves the support that she receives from her friends in Guthrie. The communities complement one another, she said.

“You always have a support system in the area,” she said.

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