Tim Good

Tim Good

Long-time Edmond resident Tim Good graduated from Edmond Memorial High School and Central State University where he met his wife of 28 years, Desiree Good. He is someone you should know.

Tim works for an oil and gas chemical wholesale company, but prior to that he earned his living in the golf business. He still loves to play.

At Oklahoma City’s 2019 Walk to End Alzheimer’s, Tim was asked to represent the individuals who have Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Tim, 53, was diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer’s Familial Genetic Mutation a year ago. It is a genetic mutation that runs through his family. His mother, an aunt, an uncle, and his grandfather have all had it. It is rare and passed through the family line. 

At this time he is involved with a DIAN (Dominantly Inherited Alzheimer Network) study out of St. Louis, Mo., as his progression is being documented and studied.

According to his wife, a self-professed golf widow, “Tim is an avid golfer and in his world there is never enough play time to golf. Kickingbird is his go-to golf course.” 

He did get to attend the Masters last year in Augusta, Ga., a Bucket List item for him. 

“He golfs wherever he can, whenever he can,” Desiree said. “He could care less about going to signature courses. He would rather be on any golf course every day.” 

In addition to golf, Tim enjoys spending time at the lake with his family.

He and Desiree have two grown children, Cole Good and daughter Ryley Hoke. Ryley married Stephen Hoke in July.

They attend Life Church and have two dogs — Hogan, a Golden Retriever, and Scout, a Miniature Schnauzer — and a cat, Oliver.

“We like to keep it simple,” Desiree said. “Tim has learned to say, ‘No,’ more, and he has learned to love life more since he has been diagnosed. It is truly about finding balance.”

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