Every Tribe Entertainment’s “End of the Spear” grossed an estimated $4.3 million at the box office last weekend, making it the eighth-most viewed film in theaters, according to producer Mart Green.

Green, a resident of Yukon, said based on the average ticket price in theaters, about 700,000 saw the movie last weekend.

“We certainly did better than Hollywood expected,” Green said. “They didn’t predict us to be in the top 10, and for an independent film, it was a big weekend.”

Word of mouth will be a key issue in determining how long the movie stays in the box office, Green said.

“Most films drop off about 50 percent in the second week,” Green said. But if those who saw the movie last weekend told others about it at church on Sunday, Green is hopeful the film can be successful enough to stay in theaters for a few more weeks.

“End of the Spear,” a story about five missionaries speared to death in 1956 by Waodani warriors in an eastern rainforest in Ecuador, cost about $20 million to produce.

“End of the Spear” follows the story through the lives of Mincayani, a Waodani warrior who led the raid that killed the missionaries, and Steve Saint, the son of one of the slain missionaries.

Green said a number of factors may have kept people who wanted to see the film during the opening weekend from doing so, including theaters relegating the film to smaller screens or not having the ability to show the movie on more than one screen at a time.

Edmond’s Susan Bedwell saw the movie Saturday.

“The message behind it was great,” Bedwell said. “It shows the sanctity of human life. Even those we don’t determine to be worth saving can have a purpose. Most people wouldn’t have cared if the Waodani people were wiped off the face of the earth.”

Lynn Kickingbird, also of Edmond, said the film did a good job of putting the viewer in the time and place where the events occurred.

“To me, it showed you can overcome violence and achieve reconciliation through love and compassion and meeting needs,” Kickingbird said.


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