Fox Lake

Commercial development is proposed by Fox Lake Investments, LLC on property north of Fox Lake Lane and west of the I-35 Frontage Road.

Edmond attorney Matt Thomas and local developer Jim Tapp have thought of a plan that includes no losers, Thomas said.

“It’s not my neighbors beating Tapp Development or the city forcing Tapp Development to take any action to hurt their company or their investment,” said Thomas,  a resident of Fox Lake who was hired by the Fox Lake Neighborhood Association to protect the neighborhood’s interests.

A previous issue before the Edmond City Council in 2018 were two four-story hotels that were proposed to be on a small piece of land near Fox Lake Lane, north of The Shoppes at Fox Lake, and west of the I-35 Frontage Road.

In 2018 Thomas revealed that Tapp Development had placed dirt in the flood plain without proper permitting. The city council voted against the item 0-5 citing inconsistent zoning.

Now an agreement has been reached for the basin to be restored to historic pre-fill conditions. Tapp and Thomas thought of an idea which they believe would help everyone involved win. The Stormwater Advisory Board agreed on March 26 to a new Tapp Development grading plan.



Tapp Development has agreed to create a commercial site plan to feed upon on the frontage road facing U.S. Interstate 35, Thomas continued. Jim Tapp agreed to move the non-compliant fill away from Fox Lake homes, Thomas said. Plans call for the dirt to be placed along the I-35 Frontage Road.

This action would allow the stormwater basin to work effectively during a flood. All of Tapp’s 29 acres in need of further excavation could easily take place, Thomas added.

The tributary between Fox Lake and Spring Creek could be opened without fill dirt impinging on it, Thomas said.

“The way we all win would be that Tapp Development would have a more valuable piece of commercial real estate that would attract a higher-value client,” Thomas said.

Tapp noted the agreement would allow Fox Lake Investments, LLC to develop more commercial type frontage land, benefitting Fox Lake Investments, the homeowners, and the City of Edmond as a whole.

Tapp stated in a June 10 letter to Fox Lake Homeowner’s Association President Richard Divilbiss said, “In the event Fox Lake Investments, LLC and the Fox Lake homeowners work together to seek the City of Edmond and Stormwater Advisory Board, Fox Lake Investment, LLC would be willing to deed the 14-acre Fox Lake tract to the homeowner’s association. Additionally Fox Lake Investments, LLC would deed restrict the land west of the area to be developed and deed the same to the Fox Lake Homeowners Association to ensure it remains in its current condition. This would provide an unprecedented buffer between the developed land and Fox Lake house and common areas.

Thomas and Tapp indicated the majority of Fox Lake Homeowners Association members agreed this offer is a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Thomas said this request will go before the Edmond City Council in coming weeks. A date has not been announced.

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