Smart Irrigation

The Edmond City Council at its June 24 meeting unanimously approved the extension of the 9-1-1 Emergency Telephone Fee Rate for 2020, keeping the current rate of 3% of recurring charges. The extension was recommended by the Association of Central Oklahoma Governments, which coordinates with carriers on behalf of local municipalities.

City Emergency Management Director Matt Stillwell said the 911 system is “on the cusp” of being able to accept text messages.

“You’re going to see that come to fruition here in the metro area probably in the next two months or so,” Stillwell said.

He said Oklahoma voters approved the increase of wireless fees from 50 cents to 75 cents about two years ago to move the system into the next generation of 911.

A part of the initiative is the 911 system being able to accept pictures, video and other information from a cell phone, he said.

“A big part of the initiative is the location accuracy to bring us up to the smart environment that we’re in today so that we have pinpoint accuracy …,” Stillwell said.


City renews partnerships

The council also unanimously renewed several partnership agreements and recurring purchases.

Among those were the agreement with EMSA to provide ambulance services, the joint operation with Guthrie of the Guthrie-Edmond Regional Airport, and the mutual cooperation agreement for animal services with the Town of Luther.

The council renewed the jail services agreement with Oklahoma County, which called for Edmond to pay $43.78 per day for prisoners in the County Jail on Edmond municipal charges in 2018.

Also renewing is an agreement with the Center for Employment Opportunities for a transitional work crew of 5-7 workers, not to exceed $150,000 annually.

Councilors also voted to continue the city’s commitments to 19 social and community agencies for just more than $1 million.


Council appoints judges, board members

The Edmond City Council at its June 24 meeting approved the following appointments to city boards and commissions:

• Diane Slayton, municipal judge, expiring July 2021;

• Jerry Crabb, associate municipal judge, expiring July 2021;

• Cindy Holman, Public Works Committee, expiring June 2020;.

• Josh McClintock, Capital Improvement Project Advisory Board, expiring June 2022;

• Anne Holzberlein, Capital Improvement Project Advisory Board, expiring June 2022; and

• Warren Burress, Kickingbird Golf Club Advisory Board, expiring June 2022.


July is Smart Irrigation Month

Edmond has joined a national effort to promote efficient irrigation.

The City Council proclaimed July to be Smart Irrigation Month, “to encourage all our citizens to practice smart irrigation to further improve water-use efficiency in residential and commercial activities,” according to Mayor Dan O’Neil’s proclamation.

Smart Irrigation Month is an initiative by the Irrigation Association to promote the social, economic and environmental benefits of efficient irrigation technologies, products and services in landscape, turf and agricultural irrigation. The Irrigation Association is a nationwide irrigation industry trade group based in Fairfax, Va.

The initiative urges homeowners and businesses to invest in smart irrigation technologies like weather-based controllers that adjust the irrigation schedule based on rainfall, sensor-based controllers that judge ground moisture, and freeze sensors that stop irrigation when the temperature approaches freezing.

The group also calls for monthly leak inspections, pressure checks, and sprinkler head adjustments.

More information on the initiative is at