A mural at the Edmond Railyard by Kristopher Kanaly is set to be finished in August.

Work on a mural to be located in the Edmond Railyard development is set to begin the second week of August and be done a week later. The mural was a discussion item for the Edmond Visual Arts Commission during a recent meeting. 

Inspiration for the mural came from the owner who approached muralist Kristopher Kanaly with the concept of trains to be incorporated. The owner said he had a poem which was used to help spark imagination, but the mural’s theme will be travel, adventure, taking risks, and “having a good time at life,” Kanaly said.

The muralist has art in Queens, New York, and Edmonton, Canada, as well as in Miami, Oklahoma City and Norman. Kanaly is also a part of Oklahoma Mural Syndicate (OMS) which is a nonprofit organization helping run the Plaza Walls curated, rotating mural project in Oklahoma City’s Plaza District. OMS was started in 2016 — a year after the Plaza Walls project began.

“I’m really excited about having art up there in the Edmond area,” Kanaly said. 

The Railyard mural by Kristopher Kanaly is being purchased in a partnership with Block I Partners, LLC and the Edmond Visual Arts Commisison at a cost of $18,860, according to Casey Moore, City of Edmond marketing and public relations manager.

Chris Anderson, of Grant Group Commercial Real Estate Services, said the Edmond Railyard development will feature six different restaurants, an ice cream parlor and a craft bar. Two of the tenants have already been announced. They are GoGi Go which serves “Korean BBQ in a bowl,” and Smoke N Oak Pizza. Anderson said more announcements are forthcoming.

There will be indoor and outdoor common space as well as seating in the different establishments in the Edmond Railyard. The patio will have room for 300 people. 



In other Visual Arts Commission news, plans are being formalized to set up a bronze pirate statue titled “Arrgh!” by artist Gary Alsum at the Town Square housing addition. The neighborhood’s developer selected the theme and location. Arrgh! will be located adjacent to a pirate-themed playground. 

The sculpture is being paid half by the City of Edmond Visual Arts Commission, $21,750, and community partners Caleb and Terri McCaleb and Scott and Sally Whipple, $21,750. An installation date has not yet been set, Moore said.