Nobody can live without water as a life source, but some Edmond residents say they can live without the spikes they’ve seen in their water bill in recent months.

The City of Edmond has been busy explaining to customers that the spike has everything to do with water consumption, said Casey Moore, city spokesman.

Big changes in water use citywide occurred, but it’s not related to water pressure, Moore said.

There was a TV news report on the water bill increase in town. Moore said the city’s water use spiked dramatically in July and August after well-below average use of water through May and June.

“The first story on water bills in Homestead Addition ended with some misinformation concerning pressure. The plumber who was interviewed stated that the increased size of the tank could make pressure go up from 60psi to 120psi which is simply not true,” Moore said. 

New water towers do not change water pressure, Moore continued. All water towers on the distribution system are set to the same top elevation of 1,336 feet above sea level.

“That actually regulates water pressure,” Moore said.

The new Danforth Tower is not in service yet and would have nothing to do with what is happening. City data reveals that water consumption increased dramatically from the end of June through August.

Moore said the flash drought Edmond experienced in July through early August caused residents to use more water.

“Our water demand went from 11 million gallons per day to just over 20 million gallons per day within a week and we maintained that level of demand for most of July and August,” Moore said.

He pointed out that the city’s winter time use is 8 million gallons per day. He said it is fair to say that the additional 12 million gallons per day of water consumption was for outdoor use and was billed appropriately according to the tiered rates.

In August 2019, 38% of residential water customers used 6,000 gallons or less; in comparison in August 2018 it was 43%, according to the city.

“Not everyone’s bill spiked up,” Moore said. “On the whole, it was the customers who consumed more water who saw an increase over last month.”

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