When you wish upon a star, it makes no difference who — or where — you are. It doesn’t hurt to have a crown and a pair of glass slippers, though.

Laura Bell, a second-grader at Oklahoma Christian Schools, had a big wish come true at the school gymnasium Friday, thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation and a lot of helpful friends.

Bell and her family will head to Disney World in Orlando, Fla., today for a week-long vacation. The trip was Bell’s special wish, and the Make-A-Wish organization was happy to grant her request. They are in the business of doing good things for children who have serious illnesses, after all.

A high-school “prince” and “princess” presented Bell with a crown, a royal pillow and a pair of glass slippers to prepare for her trip to the Magic Kingdom. Loyal brother Matthew, a fourth-grader at OCS, received a sword and shield.

Bell, the daughter of Barry and Lisa Bell of Edmond, has suffered with a rare medical condition called Chronic Intestinal Pseudo-Obstruction since birth, said her mother. The condition is so rare that the little girl was 2 years old before doctors arrived at a diagnosis.

The illness causes an inability to digest foods, contributing to a general failure to thrive. Bell receives all her nutrition through an intravenous central line, and she’s prone to severe intestinal infections.

Like any other second-grader, Bell likes to read and draw. Her routine isn’t quite like other kids’ though — she takes 17 medications every day. She’s been in the hospital “countless” times, her mom said.

“It’s been a long journey (for them),” said OCS Headmaster Dallas Caldwell at Friday’s school assembly. “This journey will be a little better.”

Matthew Bell was honored at Friday’s assembly, too.

“He’s been such a trooper,” said Donna Leadford, elementary school principal at OCS.

Students from the elementary school attended Friday’s send-off with enthusiastic cheers and applause.

Representatives from Make-A-Wish Foundation were on hand to officially award the trip and present commemorative T-shirts to the family.

Last year, students in kindergarten through 12th grade at OCS worked on special projects and raised $52,000 for the family through a carnival, a date auction, a garage sale, a movie night, a flamingo football game and other events throughout the school year. The money helped the Bells with medical expenses.

This year, elementary school students pitched in again, each bringing a dollar bill to contribute toward the Disney World trip.

Those dollar bills added up to more than $400, presented to Barry Bell by Leadford to be used for “something special” on the vacation.

Caldwell praised the Bells’ determination and faith at Friday’s assembly.

“We’re proud of you and your courage,” he said. “We’re proud that you get to go to Disney World.”

In a closing prayer, Caldwell asked God to bless the trip and to “let (the family) giggle and laugh a whole lot.”

OCS cheerleaders wearing Mickey Mouse ears performed a special cheer, “Let’s go to Florida!” for the Bells. A drive in a white limousine topped off the afternoon’s surprises.

Lisa Bell expressed her appreciation for everyone who has supported and prayed for the family.

“Laura has defied a lot of odds,” Lisa Bell said. “God has had His hand in this always. He has a plan, and we’re just going along with that. This school has been a wonderful support system.”

Jeanna Berryman was co-vice-president of the OCS Student Council during last year’s fundraising, and said she was glad to be able to help.

“They (the Bells) are like my second family,” Berryman said. “I’ve never seen a family who’s gone through so much adversity and still come out smiling. They know God has a plan for them. They’re just amazing.”

Caleb Cato is Matthew Bell’s best friend. He watched Friday’s festivities with a wide smile, happy for his friend who’s going to Disney World.

Is Cato jealous?

“Kind of,” he admitted with a big grin.

Pretty much everybody was grinning at Friday’s assembly, although some faces were streaked with happy tears, too.

It makes no difference who you are, but it’s always nice to see a wish come true. Especially for a deserving little girl in a crown and glass slippers.

(Alice Collinsworth may be reached via e-mail at acollinsworth@edmondsun.com.)

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