A University of Central Oklahoma student was bound and raped inside her apartment at 900 E. Wayne St. early Saturday morning, according to Edmond Police.

The 21-year-old victim is an exchange student from Asia, said police spokesperson Glynda Chu.

The student told police she was sleeping when she heard a loud noise between 5:45 and 6 a.m. Saturday, but thought it came from outside her apartment, according to the police report. She woke up fully after that and found a black male on top of her, the report stated.

Chu said the attacker apparently gained access to the apartment through a window. He tied the student’s hands and tied a T-shirt around her neck during the assault, according to the police report.

A resident of another apartment in the complex arrived home about 6 a.m. and saw the victim walking in the commons area of the apartment building, according to the report. Her wrists were still tied and the victim collapsed in the parking lot, the report stated.

The neighbor cut the ties around the victim’s wrists and loosened the T-shirt, then walked with the victim to a friend’s apartment in the same complex, where the neighbor called police. The friend served as interpreter for the victim, police said.

EMSA personnel transported the victim to Edmond Medical Center for treatment, according to the police report.

The alleged rapist is described by police as a black male wearing a blue-and-white-striped shirt. He was wearing gloves during the attack, the report stated, and he stole a cell phone from the victim before leaving the premises.

Police are seeking information on a black male who had reportedly knocked on the victim’s door several other times during the fall semester, according to the report.

Detectives are actively investigating the incident, and a $2,000 reward is offered for anyone who has information leading to an arrest and conviction in the case.

“We really want people to know this person is out there and that this was a violent crime that occurred,” said police spokesperson Glynda Chu. “We want people to be extremely cautious and to be on the lookout for this person.”

(Police reporter Alice Collinsworth may be reached via e-mail at acollinsworth@ edmondsun.com.)


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