Keeler the fat killer

Patrick Keeler made a decision about his health status and dropped 29 pounds.

I am so proud of Patrick Keeler, who lost 29 pounds with P90x3. Here is his story:

I was always a person who stayed in pretty decent shape. Then something just happened. Call it life or whatever you want. I just got lazy, and my body became totally soft and just plain unhealthy. I hated what I started to become and what I saw in the mirror. 

I had just plain had enough. I have to climb two flights of stairs to get to my job, and I noticed I would get more and more out of breath. It made me sick.

I heard a lot about P90X and the success stories. Then one day, I was lucky enough to find an accountability coach.

I work 12-hour days so when I saw that the program she referred was only 30 minutes a day, that was it! I had no more excuses.

I am so proud of the overall fat loss and the newfound muscular definition I have attained. I must say that I do like when people tell me how great I did. I have more confidence and can accomplish more physically. It has put me back on that path to lifelong fitness, and I can’t thank Beachbody enough.

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