In custody

Reginald Wayne Lowry



Police arrested an Edmond man on firearms charges after a witness reported a man had fired a gunshot and was mumbling “Where's Cynthia at?”

The incident lasted from 11:30 a.m. to nearly 1:30 p.m. Friday, Jan. 3, in the area of 3500 S. Broadway, said Officer Mary Frazier in her report.

Reginald Wayne Lowry, 33, is accused by Edmond Police of discharging a firearm, possessing a firearm after conviction of a felony, carrying a weapon under the influence of alcohol, possession of contraband in a penal institution, and pointing a firearm.

Police responded to the scene where they saw a shirtless man cross a fence behind the Sleep Inn at 3608 S. Broadway. Officers were able to quickly get Lowry into custody without resistance, Frazier noted. He stated that a witness described being inside his business when he heard some loud ‘banging” sounds.

He then saw a man attempting to leave a backyard of a duplex by climbing over its fence to the north. The man tried at a spot in the east part of the backyard near a tree and a fire hydrant but was unable to climb over and ultimately had to go to the west side of the same backyard where he succeeded in hopping over the north fence.

“Upon doing so, the male could be heard saying, ‘Where you be? Where you be?’ And then mumbled while walking west towards Broadway,” Frazier continued.

Police later made contact with Lowry’s girlfriend who stated they never had any violent episodes in their relationship, but that lately Lowry had been extremely anxious about his impending court dates for new criminal charges which has caused fighting between them. 

Lowry was taken to OU Medical in Edmond to be medically cleared before being booked in the Edmond City jail for booking and processing, Frazier continued.

“EMSA had been called to the scene because of Lowry's behavior. Lowry told medical personnel that he had taken the drug PCP, but refused to provide his name,” Frazier stated, but then Lowry later provided his name.

Frazier noted that Lowry had convictions for violence against members of the public as well as against police officers.

“We discussed what was causing him so much distress in his life. I told him that his girlfriend was worried about him and that according to (an officer), his mother was worried also. He cried when we discussed how he has been unable to see his daughter since Christmas and that his daughter's mother will not allow him time with his child,” Frazier stated.

Lowry is seen in a video pointing a gun at traffic on Broadway, according to the report. He expressed remorse for his actions, according to police.

“His arm is outstretched and is parallel to the ground. He seems to be tracking cars with his aim. The action of the gun cycling as it is fired can be clearly seen in at least one instance when he aimed to the north-northwest,” the report states.

Frazier reported contacting several witnesses hearing the gunshots on Jan. 3.

“One was a McDonald's worker who heard four gunshots when he was working the drive-thru window of his business which sits just east of Wynn Drive,” Frazier noted. “Another was a man who stated he was eating near Taco Bell (just west of McDonald's) in his vehicle and felt certain he heard four or five gunshots just before noon on that day.”

Police stated that Lowry is on probation for numerous offenses, both violent and nonviolent, after being released from prison in 2018.

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