Edmond Police responded to a 1st Degree Burglary call in the 400 block of Saint James Drive at about 12:28 p.m. Tuesday. Officer James Teel reported he responded to the scene.

Teel noted the female victim said she was sitting in her back room when a newer model red Jeep Cherokee parked close to her garage.

“She was expecting a neighbor, so she didn’t think much of it,” he stated. “A white male got out of the jeep and came up to her front door and rang the doorbell several times.”

She ignored the doorbell and said the white male got back in his Jeep, according to the police report. The suspect returned to the woman’s home on Saint James Drive a few minutes later, Teel reported.

After three more attempts of ringing the doorbell with no response, he kicked the door open and entered the victim’s residence, Teel stated.

The victim then screamed and reported to police that the suspect ran to the laundry room where he opened the door to the garage.

“The white male suspect then apparently opened the far-west single garage door just enough (so) he could slide under it. He got in the red Jeep and left with the driver who had stayed behind,” Teel reported.

The victim said the driver was also a white male. She described the driver as having a brown beard.

Police took photos of the home and no property was taken in this incident.

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