Caleb McLaren

A supposed drug deal gone bad left one man in the hospital, and one behind bars in Edmond.

On the morning of Nov. 12, Edmond police were dispatched to a business at 514 S. Broadway to take a report from a patron of What-a-Burger who stated that he believed he had witnessed a drug deal gone bad. He stated that the supposed drug deal was between a man driving a car and a man on a bicycle. The incident ended with the driver of the car running down and hitting the man on the bicycle with his car, and then getting out of the car and punching the man on the bicycle.

The man in the car drove away from the scene, and the man on the bicycle left on foot. A bag of marijuana was found at the scene. Surveillance video from a nearby business captured the altercation.

Later the same day, Edmond Dispatch received a phone call from a woman stating that her “son was ran over by a vehicle.” While at the hospital, the victim gave Edmond investigators the name of the man who ran him down to be Caleb McLaren.

McLaren was arrested by Edmond detectives on Thursday, Nov. 12. He is facing charges of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

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